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Dulles Air Traffic Control Tower (IAD)

Dulles Air Traffic Control Tower (IAD)

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Experience the height of aviation control with the Dulles Air Traffic Control Tower (IAD). This meticulously designed model captures the intricate details of the actual tower, giving you a unique perspective on the inner workings of air traffic control. Add this to your collection and gain a deeper understanding of the world of flying.

This control tower is the perfect addition to your airport 1:400, or 1:200, or 1:500 layout. It is modeled after the ATC tower at Dulles International Airport.

*These kits are made to order, though I try to keep one or two in stock.

*These parts are 3d printed using PLA with a FDM printer, there will be minor lines visible from the process. A little sanding and painting can improve the appearance.

*All parts are designed by me (Andy Roeske)

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