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Tarmac Designs

1:400 Scale Regional Airport (Fits Gemini Jets Airport Mat)

1:400 Scale Regional Airport (Fits Gemini Jets Airport Mat)

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This terminal comes with 7 jetbridges, and is designed to fit Airport Mat (GJAPS006 v2), the Airside/Landside.



7 Jetbridges

Included with Combo:

24" x 35" Mat

3 light poles

3 Jet Bridge Extensions

3 Jet Blast deflectors

*Mat and accessories not included but available separately (except in Combo, see above).

** Planes and vehicles not included

*** This is 3d printed in color and assembled. As such there maybe artifacts that will be noticeable from the manufacturing process. Generally you will find no need to deal with these, but if you so, you can lightly sand/fill/paint the much like you would a typical plastic model.

**** These parts are 3d printed using PLA with a FDM printer, there will be minor lines visible from the process. A little sanding and painting can improve the appearance, but this kit will look great as is.

*All parts are designed by me (Andy Roeske)*

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